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Mjolka - Dark brown leather bag for wine


Tired of having the ugly red wine cardboard boxes on your dinner table or your grill party, now you can decorate the table with leather bag - Mjolka.
The Mjolka leather carrier for wine bags is an Icelandic design from Good Old Company. Hand crafted in every sense, since it is not possible to make it with a help from a machine,  this is a unique design made in quality material that will last you a life time.   Every item is hand cut, hand coloured, Hand stitched and hand made with passion and grate care.

Mjolka holds a standard 3 -5 ltrs wine bag that you take out of the ugly cardboard boxes and insert in this handy carrier to take with you where ever you go.
Mjólka is Hand stitched from High quality leather with strong thread and comes in dark brown color. Mjolka can also be made in Black, Natural, Tan or basically any color you can find for leather 

!!!!! Due to popularity there is now 14 days delivery time on Mjölka !!!!

For Mjolka in special colour or other type of leather to match your interior or taste please contact us:

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