Dare to be different

Hraun art and design is an artist own Icelandic company based in Kópavogur Iceland The flow of ideas and works in Hraun - art and design is like the artists, free at heart and not bound in a booth or limited to one medium. Lava as the name is in English echo's the energy and inspiration we draw from the Icelandic landscape. Just like the weather in Iceland the day to day form tends to dominate the creation process. What is on display today may be gone tomorrow and new works come into the space and thereby created a new space. The works bear marks of the artists life's and their influence from travel in various parts of the world. 

Leather and fish leather accessories made by Good Old Company , jewellery made by Tales of Travel , recycled products by reMADe in Iceland, graphic art by Gudny Björk and photography by Kristjan is all united in Hraun - Art and design.

Two people - one motto : Turning travel experience into creation fun that people can find pleasure in.