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! Sold ! - Black studded evening leather clutch with salmon fishleather decoration


! Sold !  

 Because of the rawness of the material it is impossible to make an other one exactly like this one but if you want a similar with out the rough scars and branding contact us. We tailor make all kinds of leather products for our customers. 

With the snowscape like form of the salmon fish leather, this clutch is an artwork by it self and can as well hang on a wall as a decoration as be used to enhance a beauty at a festive event.

Black studded evening leather clutch with salmon fishleather decoration.

The outer lether is made from rough hide with branding and scars making this a truly unique clutch. The inside is lined with black pig skin. The lock has glimmer line and half dome studs on top of fishleather from salmon. The closing is magnetic. The clutch measures 24cm x 13cm. The clutch is hand stitched with riza thread

Due to closedown off Atlantic leather in Iceland availability of fishleather is very limited. Back ordering has therefor been closed down.  Please contact us in order to find out what type of fishleather  we have  in stock.




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