Watch strap - Salmon fishleather dark


Salmon fishleather watch strap is made from fishleather and veg tan leather. It is handmade and hand stitched, edge coated and shined to perfection. 

This fishleather watch strap is dark in colour as the leather comes from the top of the fish and is of the natural colour of the salmon.

The salmon comes from Icelandic tannery and is a bi-product of food industry catering for sustainable thinking an eco friendly product, we do not use skins that are harvested for any other purpose.

Preorder now - First batch delivered oct. 1st

Slight imperfections in the leathers may occasionally appear (scars, growth markings, difference of colour or texture, etc.) they are not flaws, they are typical features of natural leathers that identify each piece as a uniquely beautiful product.


The salmon fishleather watch strap comes in one universal size but it can be ordered shorter for very thin wrist. We can also custom make the strap in different colours. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. 

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