Hand stitched fishleather card wallet with natural color cod and mahogany interior


Slim design fishleather card wallet with cod skin that easily fits a shirt pocket and will not make a bulk in suits. 

The inner material is hand coloured veg tan goat skin

The outer material is fishleather from natural colored cod skin

The wallet has 4 pockets and holds 6 - 8 cards 

Dimensions folded: W 7 cm H 10cm

Thickness 7 mm 

Hand stained and hand stitched with Riza thread

Sustainable fashion is a key ingredient in our design philosophy and the fishleather and the leather hides we use are all a bi-product of thee food industry. The fish leather comes from Iceland and is tanned there using green energy. Most of our other hides come from Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark ) and other Europe countries, mostly from small local tanneries which fit our policy of ecological philosophy of sustainable living and respect for nature and environment.

 All our wallets are made by Good Old Company and are handmade and hand stitched in Kopavogur, Iceland and ship from Iceland.

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