Get down and boogie with brilliant glittering acessories discount January 29 2015

What ever your funk is you can go and glitter in the night with shining bracelets from Tales of Travel or wrap it up with a fishlether belt.

We love Funky Friday and we hope you do to. 

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Discount Love January 27 2015

We are in the love mode now and we looooooove discount

Fish is fashion January 23 2015


We love fish

We love fashion

Everybody loves discount January 20 2015


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Manic monday mega deal black briefcase with wolffish offer October 26 2014

Its manic monday and we get all manic and maniac and pick up some crazy ideas and offers.
This time we have one manic mega offer, in the form of a hand stitched large briefcase and we cut 1000 norwegian kr off the price. Now thats a monumental maniac madness for you to take advantage of.
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