All it takes is attitude February 24 2015


All it takes is attitude - dare to be different

What we like about The Press and its article 15 ways to be a eco fashionista February 18 2015

Braided Leather bracelet with lava beads,crystal, stones, glass beads and fishleathermade by Tales of travelBraided Leather bracelet with lava beads,crystal, stones, glass beads and fishleathermade by Tales of travel

In a resent article in The Press about 15 ways to be a eco fashionista the article pinpoints some of our favorite points about our design.Here is why we like this article so much

Sustainable thinking and eco fashion is on the rise and gone are the times of people buying with out thinking. With the large variety of products you can now find through the help of the many online stores, thoughtful shopping experience can make you fell much better than before. It is easy to do research on the products. The companies behind them and how the production affects the environment.

In the article about how to be a eco fashionista there are few basic things that touch us here in Hraun design.

1. Invest wisely
..It’s tempting to buy cheaper clothing to keep on-trend, but it is also important to invest wisely in good quality fabrics....

This is nothing new to us. We who are behind Hraun have based our shopping on this for a long time now. We look at shopping experience just like investing. This is why we like to buy nice clothes with high quality. We ma ypay a bit more in the start, but fewer nicer clothes just make us feel better than many cheap ones.  from this

2. Look for fairtrade if you can.
 …Try and buy fairtrade fashion where you can – it is quite easy to find great fairtrade fashion and accessories especially online…

We love this one. We buy from locals as much as we can and when we can not we buy from small time vendors in different countries. More often than not we buy material for our jewelry from women running a sideline business from home but sometimes we also buy from big business , but after we haver researched that we can trust their business methods as much as possible. 

3.  Go vintage.
…Unique luxury vintage accessories often retain a high value – so they make great investment pieces (with good resale value), provided the garment is in good condition….

Most all of our jewelry is vintage. The process in the making of the jewelry is such that each and every piece is uniquely handmade by the artist him self. There may be similarity but no two pieces are exactly the same

4. Think sustainable.
........Do some research about eco-friendly materials and brands that specialise in sustainable clothing........

We welcome it if you do research the material that we use and we would gladly hear from you about it. We try our best and if there are any suspicions regarding our things being any thing but what we say we deal with it right away. It is easy because we do not have big production line. 

5. Check the labels. 

With us you do not even have to check the label. Every thing is made by us and if it is not we will tell you who helped us make it. So go chek the label that is a good thing. 

6.  Research your leather.
...........Leather can be deemed as very un ecological due to tanning processes as well as how and where the cows are kept, but some brands use recycled leather while a few use vegetable tanned leather, which use less chemicals........

We do welcome you to research our leather. We use scandinavian leather. Mostly from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden but also from Norway, Danmark and Iceland. Thus we know that the leather and every thing about it is some thing we can be proud of. There is a reason why the best  "italian leather” is actually from Scandinavia. 

.....Some bags and purses are also made from food industry off-cuts such as eel and fish skin......

Not only are all our fish skin products from industrial off-cut from Icelandic fishing plants, but Iceland has one of the worlds best and oldest regulation when it comes to fishing and sustainability. Further more the hides we use are also offcuts-from food industry.

7. Use accessories to brighten your look

We can not agree more. This is a simple statement made a bit stronger with our own adding. Dare to be different.


Happy sustainable shopping. 

The bracelets from Tales of Travel design February 17 2015

About Tales of Travel design
All bracelets made by Tales of Travel are hand made by the artist Guðný Björk . This makes every bracelet a unique elegant piece of accessory to wear and own. Even though it is possible to order in different sizes, the process makes each of the cuffs so special that they are similar but never exactly the same.

Guðný Likes to work with different material she buy’s from locals in countries she travels to. The design is influenced by traveling the world and therefore she chose the name Tales of Travel. These are here tales from travel time. These jewlry are sometimes elegant and at other times hip or hobo. Different style for different occasions and the variety of people and its preferences.

When Guðný is not hiking a danger zone in Mexico, climbing a mountain, cross country traveling in Icleand, driving the world in a mobile home or paddling a kayak down a river in Guatemala, she sits down to design a jewelry and there she draws from here artistic studies and travel experience and works with jewelry like an impressionist would work with a painting or a rapper with a poetry flow. Therefore you newer now what she will do next and what she will create. Like a river it goes with the flow.  Here jewelry is not mass produced as she likes to make them here self and the likely hood of you meeting a person with the same kind of jewelry is therefor slim. This makes here jewelry extra unique.

Here motto is Dare to be different and her Tales of Travel truly show that.